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Aviation and Binoculars offers signature aviation furniture, man cave furniture, WW2 binoculars, polished ejection seats, aviation tables and aeronautica for sale across the UK. This is a chance to own a piece of History.

Drawing on both civilian and military inspiration we have designed high quality furniture using a range of original aviation and unique aircraft parts. We offer a range of one off designer pieces of aviation furniture. Based in Whitstable, Kent we are proud to be one of few UK suppliers offering Military collectibles, aircraft furniture, aviation tables, chrome polished ejection seats amongst other bespoke aviation accessories and decor.

Our elegant craftsmanship will enhance any living space but importantly pay tribute to the engineering that goes into the age of aviation.

We are also very proud to be the Number #1 stockist of WW2, big eye binoculars, cold Ward binoculars, German WW2 binoculars and Japanese binoculars. The Second World war and Cold War periods saw the production of some of the highest quality optics ever made. Each set has been fully serviced and professionally polished to show of the precision engineering to maximum effect.

Binoculars and Aviation furniture with provenance!

All of our Military binoculars and furniture are unique, elegant and professionally presented. Where possible each product has a fully documented history for the aircraft or military usage from which they originated.   Whether you are after the ultimate gift or unique present Aviation and Binoculars is the site for you.

Take time to browse our shop and if you have any questions then please contact the team at Contact Us

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Military Collectibles

Siebe Gorman Diving knife


Polished Big Eye and Vintage WW2 Binoculars

Toko Japanese big eye binoculars


Polished Big Eye and Vintage WW2 Binoculars

Rare WW2 German Zeiss (SOMET) big eye binoculars


Military Collectibles

US anti tank TOW missile


Polished Big Eye and Vintage WW2 Binoculars

French BBT Krauss binoculars


Military Collectibles

Siebe Gorman Diving boots


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Welcome to Aviation & Binoculars

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