Cold War Binoculars

The Cold War was a term used to describe the post WW2 tension between Western (NATO and USA) and Eastern (Soviet Union and China) superpowers, it was fought not on the battlefield but by as an ever increasing technological arms race.  Huge global funding was applied to products using ever more precise instruments including high quality optics which can now be found in binoculars of the time. 

Here at Aviation & Binoculars we are pleased to be able to present engineered cold war binoculars, all of which have been fully serviced. Some retain their original patina whilst others have been hand polished to best show case there sleek lines which as we are sure you will agree, have an instant visual impact.  These binoculars are practical and functional with an uplift making them a show piece for any home, ‘man cave’ or office setting.

Featured cold war binoculars

Polished Big Eye and Vintage WW2 Binoculars

Original TZK 10×80 binoculars


Polished Big Eye and Vintage WW2 Binoculars

Russian 20×110 Binocular