German WW2 – Schneider – 25 X 105 Battle Ship and Observation Binoculars



Big and powerful observation binoculars made by the German firm Schneider of Göttingen. They were used by the Luftwaffe and German naval ships. The binoculars were developed by Dr A.W. Tronnier, head designer at Schneider in 1944.

New to the design was the construction of the big 105 mm. object lens: a tele-system consisting of three lens elements.

The binoculars have been cleaned and professionally serviced with the outer casing hand polished to show the precision engineering in its fullest.

Excellent optical quality with a crystal clear image and a super wide horizon. Comfortable viewing pleasure courtesy of the soft forehead support, they have built-in filters, and a star finder telescope is mounted on the top.