Japanese WW2 Binoculars KOGAKU (Nippon) 20 x 60 Binoculars



Japanese WW2 Binoculars KOGAKU (Nippon) 20×60 magnification

These are possible the rarest set of binoculars that we have ever sourced, they were made by the Kogaku (Nippon) company and are numbered 770. In the 1920’s the Kogaku (Nippon) factory were the founding Japanese company to work with Zeiss in the production of optics. With typical Japanese engineering and precision they soon became one of the best optical makers in the world and in 1939 te Japanese air force were supplied with work from Kogaku in recognition of their superior optics.

The optics are extremely powerful for such a relatively small set of binoculars. They are very light and have their original cradle, which is beautifully balanced. They have been professionally polished andfully serviced, they original cradle has been mounted onto a bespoke wooden stand.

For a classy understated elegance these are a perfect set of binoculars for any home or corporate setting.