Russian Cold War TZK 10×80 Binoculars Dated 1957



Russian 10 x 80 Large Anti-Aircraft Binoculars. They were manufactured in the Cold War with improved optical performance. They were originally designed for the detecting of targets by anti-aircraft batteries, fire correction, and determining the angular deflection of the explosions of anti-aircraft shells or tracer ammunition.

TZK stands for Truba Zenitnogo Komandira. The instrument consists of a 10x80mm binocular augmented by an 8x commander’s monocular. The wide-angle eyepieces feature comfortable eye relief and diopter adjustments for eyeglass wearers. Russian TZK’s were made in Russia and under licence in the Czech republic and used through out the Eastern Block.

The 10 indicates the level of magnification (the object is magnified 10 times) and the 80 relates to the width of the objectives (the lens is

8cm across giving a very wide field of view). The binoculars are fitted with double focus lenses allowing each lens to be adjusted in isolation for gaining near perfect clarity.

The binoculars have been professionally stripped and serviced before being hand polished and mounted on an original sturdy tripod with

levelling adjustments. The near perfect quality of the optics means that they can be used for appreciating the detail of any view or simply stargazing.