World War 2 German Anti Aircraft 12×60 Binoculars



A brilliant example of German wartime optics, the Zeiss Flak glass was used as an anti-aircraft rangefinder on land but also on ships to track incoming aircraft. The German lens craftsmen were historically among the finest. During the second World War, Zeiss was one of the principal manufacturers to the German forces.

This set is unusual with extra-engineered brass fittings around the eye guard and optical adjusters as well as a uncommon ID tag indicating possible naval (Kriegsmarine) usage.

They are fitted with the variable light shades for use in all daytime conditions and have the later war style rain shield. They have exceptional optics with the 12 indicating the degree of magnification and the 60 indicating the 6 cm optic width.

Mounted on a purpose built cradle and high quality wooden stand.

An exceptional example of these sought after binoculars.