German WW2 DF 10 x 80



German WW2 DF 10 x 80 (serial number 82077) Binoculars made by the Jos Schneider and Co.

The DF 10 x 80 Binoculars were primarily used by Luftwaffe Flak Artillery ground crews for spotting and identifying enemy aircraft and directing the crew served Rangefinders, Searchlights and Flak Cannons of the Anti-Aircraft batteries based around many German cities and industrial centres. Due to their superb optics they naturally also proved useful on the battlefield for tactical observation and from the outset of 1939 were used in many theatres of war by the German Army.

This set of Jos Schneider Binoculars was made in Kreuznach, a city in the Rhineland area of Germany. The binocular block is stamped with the manufacturer’s identification code (dkl) for the renowned German optics company Jos Schnieder und Co (from 1940 the origin of military equipment was intended to be obscured from the enemy by the use code letters). The letters DF stand for Doppelfernrohr (Double Telescope), the twin optics allow for each eye to be individually focussed for superb resolution and clarity as well as being fitted with adjustable light filters.

They have been professionally stripped and serviced before being hand polished and mounted on a bespoke cradle with a polished, fully adjustable aluminium stand. The near perfect quality of the optics means they can be used for appreciating the detail of any view or simply stargazing.